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Friedenthal, Heffernan & Brown, LLP is a civil litigation firm composed of experienced trial lawyers with backgrounds in a wide range of practice areas. The partners founded the firm on the principle that, throughout the life of a case, they will provide their clients with superior representation that is both aggressive and cost-effective.

The firm offers corporate and individual clients the best legal resources available. Lawsuits often become more complex and expensive than necessary. Friedenthal, Heffernan & Brown prides itself on offering the kind of accurate assessment and skillful navigation that avoids unnecessary litigation, while simultaneously positioning matters for success at trial. The firm operates on a foundation of zeal for client service and a depth and breadth of experience that allows for dependably high quality representation.

Friedenthal, Heffernan & Brown’s practice is focused on the defense of claims in the fields of products liability, premises liability, employment, civil rights, ADA claims, general negligence, fires and wildfires, automobile, and construction matters. The firm has extensive experience in handling complex and high exposure/catastrophic injury matters. Our goal is to produce exceptional results through successful partnering with our clients.

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Though based in California, FHB has represented clients throughout the United States. Contact us today to engage an expert legal team that is eager to discuss your legal matter.